Happy Valentine’s Day

"Eating without Guilt"

Happy Valentine's Day

Realtor Blue and True

I moved to Sunnyvale 2 years ago. Changes are a challenge. I have found that as I get older the more I want to resist changes. In turn changes tend to be good for me. This reminds me of other times in my life when there were changes,for some I awaited with glee others with trepidation. I love this little city I now call home. My home is in a quiet, well maintained neighborhood close to everything, freeways, expressways, downtown, restaurants, VTA, tree lined streets and flowers everywhere. “It really is very close to paradise” my mother exclaimed when she first saw photos of our new home.
My brain was at a standstill. Could I still do what I did so long ago? And what would I like to do? Real Estate sales! Yes! All the things I wanted and needed.
My brain was slowly atrophying and so was my body. Now here I was climbing that middle age hill and starting again. The exam was the most fearful time that I can remember in a long time. Could I remember what I learned? I passed with an almost perfect mark.
I have been called a “people person” and I think that pretty much sums me up. Of course there are many hats I wear but for my career that one is the most important one.
My first listing was in Tracy. Driving there and back became a weekend trip. I am so fortunate to have a wonderful husband who accompanies me and is my champion, companion, friend and so much more.
My first client, the owner of the house I listed, is now our friend. The wonderful couple who offered to purchase the house are the best of the best. I am so fortunate to have met so many residents of Tracy. All are kind, helpful and sincere. I would live here without trepidation.
I truly love my job and everything that comes with it but I love the people the most.